Measure Everything. Manage Anything.

Eco City at night - Sustainable Construction Economist - Richard Vermeulen


Get the most comprehensive overview of your project and a clear picture of the road ahead.

A deeper dive into the numbers. We will measure all options and explore how the costs and benefits stack up. We help you find hidden benefits that are frequently missed.

An ongoing relationship to ensure your project is getting the most value with every line item.

The Value Process

The Value Process™ takes your plans and identifies each part individually. These parts, including what might be overlooked, are individually examined, and assigned a value.

By assigning a value to items previously considered too intangible to be measured, this process creates a unique foundation to consider innovative options that would be previously overlooked or written off. This process breaks through conventions to arrive at different conclusions by expanding what is measured and what is considered.

See a brief overview of The Value Process™ presentation 


Total Benefit Analysis™

Experience with elemental construction cost analysis, when applied to the economy and ecology of the whole, becomes Total Benefit Analysis.

By measuring the time, money, and energy required in each step and equating savings and benefits, we tally the true costs.

The elemental comparative analysis provides the framework for understanding how value is compounded by the relationship of the parts to the whole. Comparing options holistically helps you choose the best possible outcome, avoid surprises, and control the outcome of any project.

Innovative solutions become apparent. Assumptions are replaced by calculations.

See a brief overview of our Total Benefit Analysis™ presentation


Types of Projects that Benefit from GreenLight™

  • Master plans from residential/commercial to urban design
  • Campus and site work strategic planning
  • Transportation and infrastructure planning
  • Visionary projects


Do You Need Us? 

Some of the signs your project plans need improvement include:

  • The budget is increasing with each step
  • Stakeholders are pushing back on your plans
  • You’ve had to sacrifice human or environmental value to reduce costs
  • You haven’t measured every aspect of your project
  • You have no way of quantifying your choices

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