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A low-cost way to see the potential savings and value of your project. Measure green solutions against all the options. Get the most comprehensive overview of your project and a clear picture of the road ahead.

A deeper dive into the numbers. We will measure all options and explore how the costs and benefits stack up. You will be surprised how benefits compound in your specific project. We help you find hidden benefits that are frequently missed.


Reduce up-front costs with an equity partnership. An ongoing and in-depth relationship to ensure your project is on budget and getting the most ROI with every line item. Get off the re-design treadmill with Richard at your side as your project partner.


A Holistic Approach to Sustainability in the Built Environment

We all know that we can and must build more sustainable projects. GreenLight™ empowers the player to build smart and green with their holistic approach for green alternatives that don’t bust the budget. Green sustainable building is now an affordable and profitable reality.

Global temperatures are rising and natural resources are becoming scarce. Sustainability is more important than ever before. To help owners, developers, and partners build these projects without hefty additional costs, GreenLight™ Project Analysis and Development offers a holistic approach to the built environment, combining construction economics and environmental economics with our proprietary process for projects that are both sustainable and profitable.

In spite of conventional wisdom, sustainable building projects are not in conflict with budgetary concerns. Most business leaders will “go green” if the numbers work. GL makes that happen. 

By starting with GreenLight you reveal your most compelling and profitable direction and strategy, save unnecessary expenditure and get off the re-design treadmill.



How Strategic Changes Impact Your Project

GreenLight™ Project Analysis helps you make strategic changes in your design process that add up to big savings on design, construction, operation, and maintenance through the life cycle of your building.

Start with the GreenLight Value Process

The GreenLight Value Process™ takes your plans apart and identifies each part individually. These parts, including what was previously ignored, are then individually examined, and assigned a value. Once the individual pieces have a value, design iterations can optimize and compound the value they bring.

By assigning a value to items previously considered too intangible to be measured, this process creates a unique foundation to consider innovative options that would be previously overlooked or written off. This process breaks through conventions to arrive at different conclusions by expanding what is measured and what is considered. It’s the future of measurement in the built environment.

The Next Step is GreenLight Total Benefit Analysis

GreenLight Total Benefit Analysis™ builds from experience with elemental cost estimate analysis. When applied to the built environment and the economy and ecology of the whole, it becomes Total Benefit Analysis. This is a breakthrough in cost-benefit analysis. Any idea, concept, or plan that has gone through the GreenLight Value Process can be rolled into a GreenLight Total Benefit Analysis™ and understood in a new way.

By measuring the time, money, and energy required in each step, and equating savings and benefits we tally the true costs. Elemental analysis provides the framework for understanding how value is compounded by the relationship of the parts to the whole, GreenLight Total Benefit Analysis™ gives the complete and most accurate evaluation of every option available, helping you choose the best possible outcome, avoiding surprises, and controlling the outcome of any project.

Innovative solutions otherwise not considered become apparent. Assumptions are replaced by concrete calculations. GreenLight™ is a discovery and revelation.

What costs and opportunities are you missing?



Benefits of Sustainable Green Built Projects with GreenLight™

Guidance from an expert and visionary who delivers results.

Richard Vermeulen, a leading expert in construction economics, value engineering, and cost-benefit analysis, will provide you with a comprehensive framework on how to out-compete today’s market, while also being eco-friendly. He literally wrote the book on building Green at No Cost™.

GreenLight™ developments not only save on costs and environmental impact, they enhance the way people live. By measuring the path to Healthy Planet/Healthy People, your projects become more attractive to investors and the public.

GreenLight developments are more desirable than their conventional counterparts. Sustainability means less maintenance and increased value. Save upfront and save over time.

GreenLight™ will reveal all the benefits and all the opportunities beyond traditional green building and expand upon them exponentially. 

Some of the Added Benefits

  • Open doors to more opportunities for your ideas
  • Get more sustainable green development funds
  • Reveal options not previously considered
  • Empirically prove that your model is the best choice financially and strategically
  • Jump to the head of the line with fast-tracked plan approval with many government agencies
  • Mitigate risk with creative solutions that eliminate reliance on outdated cookie-cutter solutions 
  • Improve benefits to all stakeholders
  • Contain cost
  • Improve integrity – honor the environment
  • Eliminate the re-design treadmill
  • Measure Everything, Manage Anything

Types of Projects that Benefit from GreenLight™

  • Master plans from residential/commercial to urban design
  • Campus and site work strategic planning
  • Right-sizing the combination of new build and renovation
  • Transportation and infrastructure planning
  • Visionary projects

Goals of Traditional Green Building

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Siting and structure design efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Materials efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality enhancement
  • Operations and maintenance optimization
  • Waste reduction
  • Reduce impact on infrastructure networks Checklist scores

Goals of GreenLight™

Our goals for green building take the standard goals and expand the benefits and outcomes:

  • Increased profitability
  • Improved livability  
  • Benefits to wildlife and ecosystems
  • Understand intangible effects and motivations
  • Expand benefits and goals beyond standards


Signs Your Project Process Needs Improvement

Most development owners jump into the planning and finance stages with little more than a sense that they are doing the right thing. While we can help at any stage, most opportunities can be revealed at the idea stage. GreenLight™ looks at total savings and benefit opportunities to get a true return on investment that includes what otherwise would be considered intangible. At the same time, a framework is established that is accountable. Without taking the overarching step on strategy, most opportunities are missed or overlooked.

Some of the signs your project plans need improvement include:

  • The budget is increasing with each sustainability improvement
  • Some stakeholders are pushing back on your plans
  • You’ve had to sacrifice human or environmental value to reduce costs
  • You haven’t measured every aspect of your project for sustainability
  • You have no way of quantifying your choices in product or design with stakeholders
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