Richard Vermeulen

  • Construction Economist and founder of GreenLight™ Project Analysis & Development
  • Co-CEO, Lead Economist, and Chief Estimator for Vermeulens
  • Developer of The GreenLight Value Process™ & GreenLight Benefit Analysis™
  • Author of Green at No Cost: A Built Environment for a Healthy Planet
Richard Vermeulen - Construction Economist for Green Building

A Futurist in Sustainable Building

❝Acknowledging our resources are finite — if we want to grow our economy and support healthy communities, we need to create a synergist relationship with our environment.❞


In his 40+ years of experience in the construction industry Richard knows one thing for sure, sustainable building must be affordable, not a luxury.

Richard published his book Green at No Cost to articulate his approach to making that synergistic relationship a profitable reality. He created GreenLight™ Project Analysis & Development to help anyone working in the built environment accomplish those goals.

Using his skills and experience as a construction economist, along with his connection to the environment and our growing need to improve our quality of life, he developed GreenLight Total Benefit Analysis and The GreenLight Value Process as part of the framework for GreenLight™ Project Analysis & Development to make affordable, sustainable, green building the new standard for the built environment.

Richard has developed industry-leading standards for estimating and data-basing complex construction projects throughout North America.

He’s not only a consultant and advisor for all types of building initiatives, but Richard Vermeulen also puts his own builds to the test.

In addition to consulting for thousands of major projects, Richard has designed and built residential and commercial projects, from hammering nails to hound-dogging bureaucracies. He has traveled extensively, always with an awareness of how cities do and don’t work.

When not getting projects green-lit, he and his wife Angela live in Santa Barbara, California, and Georgian Bay, Ontario. 

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