Green at No Cost™

The Value Process and Total Benefit Analysis Light a Path to a Better Built Environment

Green at No Cost™ Book

While walking the neighborhood with the dog, Richard wondered why the parks did not connect. Something about a continuous park and pathways made sense. It certainly made sense to his dog

Another question that plagued him; how do we make an efficient transportation system for both transit and automobiles? He lived in a town just outside Toronto, and as every year went by, the city got further away. Suburban growth meant that more traffic, and more congestion, intervened to the point that what was once a twenty-minute trip could easily take an hour.

While zipping along a parkway to one of his many meetings in New England, Richard wondered, ‘What if linear parks and transportation were to get married?’

He spent many hours putting this question to the test of construction cost and eureka! Green at No Cost infused a network of green infrastructure into our built environment. Not only did the system save money at the outset, but it also saved over its life cycle… Save up front-Save over time.

With that thinking, Richard realized we can create a process to make more value. We can make models that expand our horizons – that we can analyze.

The Value Process™ is that process. Total Benefit Analysis™ is that analysis. Green at No Cost™ is the first of many models that arose from this approach. We can replicate this process indefinitely to make models for any project.

Reader Reviews

“…the concepts are indeed salient and relevant as we continue to tackle the challenges of resource depletion, increasing income inequality, and adapting to changing environments. Designers, planners, and policymakers will do well to seriously consider the ideas presented in this book..”

“This is a thought-provoking book with great flow and images. It clearly shows how we can be economically sustainable now. Read the book, it will change the way you think about sustainability and land use planning.” Ryan

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