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Market Outlook Forum – Q2 2023

Vermeulens Market Outlook Forum – Q2 2023

Vermeulens’ market reports are based on bid prices in the Nonresidential Construction Industry. Forecasts are based on leading indicators and historical comparative analysis. Fed Watch

Sectoral Watch Q1 2023 - focus on construction

Sectoral Watch Q1 2023
Drilling down into significant sector movement and what lies ahead

Richard Vermeulen provides insights into the movement and future spending projections in various sectors, highlighting the impact of mechanical and electric contractors on bid prices and recommending large bidding contingencies, while also discussing job creation, construction volume, and the shift in dollar volumes across different sectors, particularly noting the surge in non-residential construction, with a specific focus on office, commercial, educational, and manufacturing sectors, and raising the question of whether the rise in renewables is compensating for the decline in conventional spending in the Power sector.

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