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San Francisco Should Relocate - its current location is too expensive

San Francisco Should Relocate
Its current location has become too expensive!

The satirical newspaper, The Onion, reported that the City of San Francisco was looking to relocate…. A week or so later, Gabriel Metcalfe – head of the respected San Francisco urban planning organization SPUR – published a provocative piece in CityLab blaming the city’s affordability crisis on progressive politics

Sustainability blog about Net-Zero River Cities

Net-Zero River Cities

Each river city has a dynamic relationship with its river, so communities that depend on them must always strive to improve their adaptability and resilience. “Rivers can be beneficial or terrifying.” River cities, with their often creative responses to a changing environment, offer lessons.

blue zones of the eco city

The Blue Zones of the Eco City

While environmentalists concern themselves with making the world Green, Dan Buettner focuses on Blue. His Blue Zones series of books take a scientific approach to

Sustainable infrastructure- narrow lanes create safer streets

Narrower Lanes Create Safer Streets
Developing Sustainable Infrastructure

The traffic-calming effect of narrower lanes is well documented. Vehicle speeds reduce, and safety increases as lanes narrow down to about 10.5 feet from the North American standard of 12 feet.

What would this narrowing mean in terms of cost for a typical new urban development? About 10 percent of the surface area for these developments is traffic lanes. This excludes curbside parking, driveways, sidewalks, boulevards, parking lots, etc. So, narrowing by 10 percent from 12 feet to 10.8 feet would free up 1 percent of land area.

people houses trees grass

Accessibility, Economic Activity, and Diversity

The TDM (Transportation Demand Management) Encyclopedia, a leading resource for innovative transportation management strategies, makes an interesting statement: When real estate experts say, “location, location,

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