Battery Engineers VS Fossil Fuels – The Winner is….
Have We Reached the Tipping Point for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Fossil Fuels vs Battery Engineers - Tipping Point for Electric Vehicles

And the winner is… BATTERY ENGINEERS!

Back around the time I wrote Green at No Cost in 2009, the world of fossil fuels, biofuels, and batteries had a different look.

Fossil fuel consumption was peaking, biofuels and batteries were on an exponential upward curve.

In my engineering circle, there was a variation of the liars and damned liars joke that went, “there are liars, damned liars, and battery engineers!”

Well, it’s time to take that back. The growth and cost reduction curves for batteries have proven out just as the same curves for solar power generation.

So it’s happy dance time! The phaseout projections for emissions published in 2009 are now a reality. Here is how it came about.

Tesla slides:


Now the hard part, getting our built environment engineered to fit with our technologies. Go to “Green at No Cost” the book to learn more.

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