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What is GreenLight™ Project Analysis & Development?


Created by Construction and Environmental Economist Richard Vermeulen, GreenLightTM Project Development and Analysis is a construction economics consultancy with a focus on changing the way we approach the built environment and sustainability.  This project development and analysis helps clients navigate the complex challenges of the built environment while increasing profits and reducing environmental impact. Our framework for environmental design proves why the ecological and economic benefit is not a zero-sum game.

Our proprietary methodology evaluates and facilitates funding for innovative green initiatives that make the world a better place. We take projects apart, quantify value, and put the pieces back together again, showing how the whole is far more than the sum of the parts.

Our role in the construction and environmental economics arena is to be the bridge between great ideas and funded projects. We provide credible business cases and budgets that green-light profitable yet innovative environmental initiatives.

This holistic concept shows the value created by the interplay of diverse systems such as more choice, access, mobility, and space. It redefines how we measure value and benefit and inverts the myth that sustainable green projects are too expensive.

GreenLightTM Development is in business to advance the quality of life, build green livable cities, and create an ethos of positive environmental impact. 

Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

How GreenLight™ Was Born

While walking the neighborhood with the dog, Richard wondered why the parks did not connect. Something about a continuous park and pathways made sense. It certainly made sense to his dog. Apparently, they’re not alone. Authorities have been trying to connect these parks by degree because the demand and desirability for connection are there.

Another problem he played with was; how do we make an efficient transportation system for both transit and automobiles? He lived in a town just outside Toronto, and as every year went by, the city got further away. Suburban growth meant that more traffic, and more congestion, intervened to the point that what was once a twenty-minute trip could easily take an hour.

While zipping along a parkway from the airport to one of his many meetings in New England, Richard wondered, ‘What if linear parks and transportation were to get married?’ He put this question to the test and eureka! The Park City, infused with a network of green infrastructure, was born! Not only did the system save money at the outset, but it also saved over its life cycle… Save-Save.

Save-Save opportunities realized through work and research collectively make a major impact on our economy and significantly improve our standard of living. There is a void in major sectors of our economy when it comes to hard numbers.

With that thinking, Richard’s next eureka moment arrived — everyone loves a “good deal”, and a “win-win”, but what does it mean when everyone continually achieves these outcomes? Can we measure it? If we can measure it, we can manage it. We can create a process to make more. We can make models that we can analyze.

The Value Process is that process. Total Benefit Analysis is that measurement. Green at No Cost™ is the first of many models that arose from this approach. We can replicate this process indefinitely to make models for any project.

Richard shared his revelation with his wife Angela… and that’s how GreenLightTM was born.

Why use GreenLight™?

For decades, there has been an abundance of environmental “visionaries” who have designed future cities and spaces. As a result, there’s been one-off publicity for a lot of cool ideas but not much progress. Attempting to build those ambitious ideas, many have had to walk away with that dream unfulfilled due to the re-design treadmill, runaway costs, lack of knowledge about alternatives to cookie-cutter solutions, and lack of funding.

What’s been missing: the framework to build the economic and business case to make environmentally innovative projects happen. GreenLight™ attracts the support of investors, builders, and owners who require a more practical approach.  Richard Vermeulen and his holistic framework and set of tools fill that gap to make ambitious ideas a profitable reality.

Our Vision – Mission – Values


By measuring all possible factors and uncovering compounded value, we can improve the way people live by redefining and building people-centered green environments that are an inspiration to live in as well as economical and profitable to build. Win-win-win. 

To propagate a system that considers all possible factors in assessing risk and providing the framework to move forward with confidence by choosing the best possible measured outcome in high stakes (any) decisions.


By measuring everything and managing anything we bridge sustainability and profitability in all decisions in the built environment and beyond. GreenLight™ considers data previously not considered that builds the business case for the best ideas moving forward.

We believe that quality of life is worth measuring and is a vital part of an overall holistic process to create what is sustainable.

Our mission is to create a world where benefits for all guide innovative designs and funding for green initiatives.

We believe in the power of compounded value. When you examine the costs of innovative projects from a holistic lens, the compounded value makes profitability clear.


Honor:  a methodology that values people, the planet, and prosperity.

Ingenuity:  the optimal solution is revealed through measurement.

Inclusivity:  all factors affecting the outcome are considered.

Clarity: challenge all assumptions.

Collaboration:  work together to build a better world.



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