Greenlight™ lights the path for next-generation
sustainable projects in the built environment

A Construction Economist's proven methodology
to Get Sustainable Projects On Budget


GreenLight™ Analysis is a revolutionary decision-making framework designed to assess and reveal previously unmeasured value in the built environment by expanding what is measured and what is managed. It is a ground-breaking construction economics tool to assist sustainability-minded builders, owners, and partners infuse more value into their projects to get stakeholder buy-in, with no additional cost.

By finding opportunities for improvements and compounding value, we provide an accurate portrayal of the true costs and benefits of any project. GreenLight™ is used to reconcile a variety of options so as to reveal the best path forward in all high-stakes decisions, lowering risk, increasing profitability, and ending the re-design treadmill.

This assessment changes everything we assumed about sustainable building — how projects are evaluated, measured, managed, and approved. GreenLight™ ensures profits without compromise while retaining quality of life designs.

Green Building Consulting - Advising cost analysis | the greenlight method


Measure Everything. Manage Anything.

Bring your ideas to life, produce projects you’re proud of, and be recognized as a go-to visionary in your industry. We help you build your legacy.

Together, we redefine what it means to build people-centered sustainable communities that are an inspiration to live in as well as economical and profitable to build. By compounding the benefits of every decision we will improve the way people live and minimize their impact on the environment while optimizing every dollar invested in your project. 

It’s a win-win-win. 

We improved the way decisions are made by considering all possible factors in assessing risk and provide the framework to move forward with confidence and demonstrated competence by choosing the best possible measured outcome in any decision, from high-stakes to everyday choices. Our process helps you manage what’s measured to maintain your vision, stay on track and on budget from project start to completion. The impact of your decisions continues to be socially, environmentally, economically beneficial far into the future. 

Working together to build a better world.

Green Building Consulting - Advising cost analysis | the greenlight method


A Holistic Approach to Low-Cost  High-Value Solutions.

Measuring what matters for people who care. Conceived from the mind, experience, and expertise of Construction Economist, Richard Vermeulen and his groundbreaking book – Green at No Cost™: Economic and Cost Control Strategies that Create No Cost Sustainability, this all-inclusive approach ensures the fastest and most economical way to build and redefines what it means to build green without adding complexity or additional costs.

Finally, there’s a way to quantify all the benefits of sustainable building to get the Green-light on your forward-thinking projects. Our next-generation process to evaluate sustainable building designs measures the impact of all the benefits to all stakeholders. When you compound the savings, innovative solutions are not only possible but quantifiable and profitable. Richard lays it all out in the book and has proof of concept with case studies from small HVAC projects to mega-projects for mega-corporations. GreenLight™ will improve every project.

Throw away the crystal ball and look at the world through a new lens.

Green Building Consulting - Advising cost analysis | the greenlight method

What People Are Saying About GreenLight™

"Savings equal benefits. The sameness of time, money, and energy. I did not realize physics and economics were related, let alone learn how to use them."
Research Scientist – Global Forestry
"Not only does it measure, it groups into related elements to cross the boundaries between data and understanding."
Senior Director of Health Care - Architect
"Instead of excluding difficult data and complex relationships, it seeks them out to create new paradigms."
Director of Sustainable Design – Global Mechanical/Electrical Consulting Engineers