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Most of North America's population lives in cities, and there is a reason for this: they work. While we have grown to loathe urban sprawl and other perceived negatives of city development, these metropolitan areas are much more efficient in terms of energy use, transportation, and housing. But there are geographic areas that call for a more nodal pattern of development. Let's take a look at these and how they can be beneficial. 

First, what do I mean by a nodal pattern of development? It is using existing city centers, or creating new centers, and building around them via planned roadways and intersections. The space in between the nodes, or centers, would be open space.

Areas that would benefit from a nodal development pattern include:

This approach also ensures that communities can carve out or retain a unique identity. They are not carbon copies of someone's idea of a perfect city, town, or village. This isn't Stepford! It's your town.