Richard Vermeulen is co-CEO, lead economist, and chief estimator for Vermeulens.  Vermeulens works closely with construction design teams to determine the cost of initial concepts, provide strategies to meet budget targets, and control costs throughout the design process.  Richard has developed industry-leading standards for estimating and data-basing complex construction projects throughout North America.  

In addition to consulting for thousands of major projects over 30 years, Richard has designed and built residential and commercial projects, from hammering nails to hound-dogging bureaucracies.  He has traveled extensively, always with an awareness of how cities do and don't work. 

“Green at No Cost started with walking the dog around the neighborhood.  It always bothered me that the parks did not connect.  Something about a continuous park made sense.  It certainly made sense to my dog.  Apparently we were not alone as the authorities have been trying to connect these parks by degree, because the demand and desirability is there. 

 “Another thing always bugged me.  How do we make an efficient transportation system for both transit and automobiles?  I lived in a town just outside Toronto, and as every year went by, the city got further away.  Suburban growth meant that more traffic, and more congestion, intervened to the point that what was once a twenty-minute trip could easily take an hour.

“While zipping along a parkway from the airport to one of our many meetings in New England, I wondered, ‘What if linear parks and transportation were to get married?’  I put this question to the test and eureka, The Park City was born!  Not only did the system save money at the outset, it saved over its life cycle…  Save-Save. 

“Save-Save opportunities realized through work and research collectively make a major impact on our economy and significantly improve our standard of living.  There is a void in major sectors of our economy when it comes to hard numbers and I felt compelled to share this information with my office, my clients, developers, policy makers, and beyond, so by degree Green at No Cost was born.”